Monday, April 11, 2016

New Delhi - Unsafe & Unpredictable

Delhi is a city of extremes, be it the weather, summer – winter or people, the rich and the poor. Delhi really has its way of making you either love the city or just hate it.
This recent incident of the Mercedes hit and run case has brought to light many things which are wrong and dysfunctional in our system.
There is no value for human life in India. Just this another incident which happened with a friend of mine highlights a similar concern. Absolutely NO value for human life!
So, she was going in an Uber from Gurgaon to Saket and on her way on Anuvrat Marg, near Qutub Minar, the Uber driver accidentally hit someone on the motor bike. She immediately jumped out of the cab all frantic. Her exact thoughts were that a mob will collect here and rape her.
This is the vibe of New Delhi. Unsafe and Unpredictable.
So anyways, she then was on the road trying to stop someone who would drop her home safe. At first, no one stopped. But then there was a couple who stopped and dropped her back home. She spoke to uber and made a complain on 100. She wrote this email to
“Hi I had reported an accident yesterday that occurred by the uber driver Sonu with the car no UP17T9120 on Anuvrat Marg near the qutub minar metro station.
I have yet not received the update on the victim.
Please do send me a report at the earliest as I have also put in a complaint with the police.”
The police called her the next day and asked her to lodge an fir. She was scared to get involved any further so she declined. The next day a friend of the victim called her, and was thanking her about the complaint she made. He was grateful to her, but he sounded sad and dis-heartened by the awful way his friend died.
She received a call from a police deputy explaining her that her lodging an fir is crucial and that she would be doing the right thing. As hesitant as she was she decided to do the right thing and lodged an fir.
In all this, the cab driver dropped the victim’s body in a dark and shady corner, near Anuvrat Marg. He must have been scared to take him to the hospital. The thought of going to prison must have scared the living crap out of him, so he just washed his hands off the body.
But just imagine the plight of the poor guy who got hit. He was a student. He was going back home at night. He probably must have not anticipated getting hit by a cab in the middle of the night. Whosever fault it was, the guy is now dead. Because of people not knowing the law and their rights.
The Uber company called her back and lied saying that the victim is safe as the Uber driver took him to the hospital and he was discharged after his minor injuries were tended to. They even proclaimed they had a discharge slip. Also, they never replied to her emails instead called her up to give her these lies as they didn’t want anything in written. They even erased her ride from their database and reimbursed her for the ride! That’s the heights of not wanting to take any kind of responsibility! Today, if instead they had tried tracking their own cab using the gps they could have found the body earlier and the victim would have been alive.
It doesn’t matter if uber has gps or an emergency number, you are NOT safe in it. If something like this happens to any of us. What will we do? Where will we go? How will we fix this? Is there a system which will help us? Or is it just corrupt, slow and tardy.
What if the student who died in the cab was your best friend?! Who is to be held responsible?
The driver who hit the victim was Uber’s responsibility. They called up my friend and cooked up a story of lies. Basically they wanted to wash their hands clean as fast as possible.
Doesn’t the driver feel any remorse? Where was his conscious when he just dropped off the body that too in a dark corner so that no one would see? Had he even disposed the body in a well-lit up place, maybe the chances of the victim surviving could have been higher.
Now where is the justice? In India, Justice is only for the rich and fancy. The poor never get justice. This is because the common man does not have a voice neither does it have a system to rely on.
There have been numerous similar cases in our country. The victim is either pasted all over the media and made into a mockery or the case is never opened or investigated as nobody wants to get involved.
It breaks my heart thinking, one day we will bring up our kids in a nation like this.
Salman Khan’s hit and run case is just another incident which again makes our system and government look like fools. The family of the diseased were not served justice. They were not compensated. They were just helpless.
Just look at the government of countries near us. North Korea’s supreme court sentenced American student Otto Warmbier, who was arrested while visiting the country, to 15 years of hard labour for crimes against the state.
What was his crime? Stealing a poster?! He’s just 22 years old and the Korean government has taken this as a serious crime! And sentenced him to 15 years of hard labour in prison. That’s hell!
And here in India, accidents are happening day and night, human lives are lost and yet there is no action. The common man in India is himself not aware of his own rights and therefore when incidences like these happen, nobody wants to take action as they don’t want any kind of conflict with the police.
Its crazy what happened to my friend. Thank god she got herself out of the situation all by herself. But what if it was someone else who was in this similar situation. What would have happened to her in a city like Delhi? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves and take necessary action. We need to change the system and make companies like uber own up to their responsibility.

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